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We sincerely welcome friends all over the world to cooperate with us:
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The factory is a professional manufacturer of testing equipment of construction project and road, construction equipment of concrete road, etc. It produces more than 80 types of equipment. The factory won the title of "2000' excellent science and technology enterprise of Zhejiang Province" and "Pointing supervise and track unit produced high-quality products". HZ-15 and HZ-20 model concrete hole drilling and core drawing machine. Complete sets of construction equipment of concrete road are as follows:vibration girder(aluminium alloy, steel tube, groove steel), thick liquid extracting and smooth making machine series, thick liquid extracting stick, vacuum suction machine, vacuum suction mat, automatic line carving machine and crack cutter of cement concrete, polishing machine, crack cutter, line pressing machine, various of diamond thin-walled drill bit and diamond saw blade,etc.

The products have enjoyed good reputation by its excellent quality for a long time at home, since established, they are well received by the customers. The products are not only sell all over testing department and construction department of road, municipal administration, airport, construction project of more than twenty provinces, but also far sell to Hongkong and Macao district. Our factory adhere to the continuing principle of "Customers update, Reputation first".

The factory locates at the coast of eastern, near by Wenzhou on its south, Ningbo is on its north, the sea, land and air traffic is very convenient, there are nonstop planes to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou,etc.


Add: No.1 Shuguang Road Jiazhi,Jiaojiang Area,Taizhou city,Zhejiang Province,China Tel: 86-0576-88321228 Fax: 86-0576-88321316
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